ZENAGEN Evolve Repair Duo Box

ZENAGEN Evolve Repair Duo Box

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This affordable Evolve Shampoo and Conditioner set boosts hair repair for stronger, longer and healthier looking hair! Evolve Duo Box enhances color vibrancy and retention and is safe on extensions. Noticeably improves the appearance of damaged hair from heat styling, hair color and even chemical treatments.

Evolve Duo Box contains:

  • Evolve Shampoo Treatment, 6 fl. oz.
  • Evolve Conditioner 5 fl. oz.

Zenagen Evolve promotes longer, healthier hair. Repairs and prevents damage, enhances color vibrancy and retention.

Safe for hair extensions and chemical treatments. Made with all natural ingredients.

How to use:

1.) Lather Evolve Shampoo Treatment on to wet hair and scalp, and leave for 5 full minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 

2.) Follow with Evolve Conditioner, focusing on the middle of the hair through the ends. Rinse after 30 seconds or preferred amount of time.

That's it! Use every other day or at least 2-3 times per week for best results.